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Guardians Institute and the communities we serve appreciate all gifts, large and small.

Thank you for your generosity.

The Tree has been the longstanding symbol of Guardians Institute. Some say it is an iroko tree. Others say it's definitely a baobab. There is an argument to be made for both native African trees. 

The mighty iroko tree's deep roots epitomize strength and stability and its leaves represent renewal and transformation. The iroko is used primarily used in building, and therefore it came to be the emblem of refuge.

The baobab is known as "The Tree of Life." The baobab tree and its components provide shelter, food, water and clothing.
Elders use its broad branches as a shady place to pass on knowledge to younger generations. It's fruit is one of the most nutrient rich foods on the planet.

​Just like the iroko and baobab, Guardians Institute nurtures the community through its programming and community outreach services. We attempt to shelter, feed and educate like our ancient symbols. Cultivating greatness: mind, body and spirit.

Your generous gifts are used for Guardians Institute's general fund, programs and capital fund.

Guardians Institute Tree Donation Tiers:

​​The Guardian: $10,000+

The Guardian will receive an engraved brick prominently placed on Guardians Institute's grounds, a G.I. Flame Pack,* an autographed CD from a First Family of Art and Culture member and two Lifetime Access passes to the museum and all G.I. events.

Legacy Tier: $5,000+
Legacy Tier donors will receive an engraved nameplate on the Legacy Performance Pavillion, a G.I. Flame Pack* and two Lifetime Access passes to the museum.

Fruit & Leaf Tier: $2,500+
Fruit & Leaf Tier donors will receive a G.I. Flame Pack* and one Lifetime Access pass to the museum.

Branch Tier: $1,500+
Branch Tier donors will receive a G.I. Flame Pack.*

Trunk Tier: $500+
Trunk Tier donors will receive a copy of Big Chief Harrison & the Mardi Gras Indians and a G.I. Signature T-shirt.

Root Tier: $250+
Root Tier donors will receive a G.I. T-shirt and mug.

Sun, Soil & Water: $25+
Sun, Soil & Water members receive a G.I. mug.

All other donors will be acknowledged on our social media platforms and periodicals.

*G.I. Flame Pack: Book - Big Chief Donald & The Mardi Gras Indians, G. I. Signature T-shirt and G. I. Mug.

You are just one click away from helping Guardians Institute            and the communities we serve.